The NARM Training Institute Presents

NARM Online Basics Training

A Level 1 Professional Training that introduces
The NeuroAffective Relational Model  

for Healing Complex Trauma

Online NARM Basics Training
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Training Details

Training Dates: 

Training Location: This training will be held live online and hosted on Zoom.


Please note this training is set for North America Pacific Time. We understand the time of this training may be inconvenient for some of our international community members in other parts of the world.  Due to the experiential focus in learning NARM, we require full, live participation in the Online NARM Basics Training . If the time difference will make your full, live participation difficult, we advise you not to sign up for this training.  Please note that no special accommodations can be made.  If you are able to commit to participating fully, we welcome your registration to this training regardless of your time zone.

The NARM Training Institute is currently only focused on training offerings in North American time zones. In the future, if we begin offering trainings that cater to other time zones, we will share that information on our website and to our newsletter subscribers. If you'd like to receive NARM Training Institute newsletters and updates, you can sign up here:

Pricing Details for the Online NARM Basics Training

Space is limited, so sign up now to reserve your spot!


We offer two payment options for you to choose from, Pay in Full, or a Payment Plan. Please see details below:


$100 Application Fee plus

$1,499.00 USD Tuition


$100 Application Fee plus

4 Tuition Payments of $374.75 USD



We offer agency pricing to groups of 3 or more from the same agency.


Please email for more info

Online NARM Basics Training Faculty

Dr. Laurence Heller

Creator of the NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM)

Included in the Online NARM Basics Training

  • Training Module Video Archive

    Between each module, you will have access to the training video archives that contain recordings of the online basics training. You will have access to these archives for 1 year from the start of the training.

  • Self-Study Exercises 

    Journal and other reflective exercises to be completed between training modules.

  • Supplemental Handouts

    Learning materials to support your study and application of NARM principles.

  • Live and Video NARM Demonstrations

    Opportunities to observe and learn from Master NARM Therapists applying NARM principles with a variety of individuals dealing with Complex Trauma.

  • Case consultations in the application of NARM principles. See more info below in "Certificate Requirements".

  • NARM Inner Circle Discount

  • NARM-Informed Professional Certificate

    Upon completion of your educational requirements, you will receive your NARM-Informed Professional Certificate.

  • Listing within the the NARM Directory

    Upon Completion of the Online NARM Basics Training, you will be eligible to join the NARM Directory as a NARM-Informed Professional.

Training Schedule

All training days will run live Friday - Sunday. Each training day will have one one-hour lunch and two fifteen-minute breaks. Please explore the topics covered in each module below by clicking on the arrows to the right:

Module 1 Topics

Module 2 Topics

Module 3 Topics

Module 4 Topics

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Completing the Online NARM Basics Training

Before registering for this training, please be aware that your full attendance is a requirement during this training, unless we are informed of an absence ahead of time or in the event of an unforeseen emergency. Absence and/or lack of participation in this training will not only impact your own learning process, it will also impact the experience of other participants and the group learning process. So your attendance and participation is critical to the success of this training for everyone involved.


Prior to the start of the training, you will be given the opportunity to notify us of any planned absences you may need to take throughout Modules 1 - 4. This will include full days away, arriving late, leaving early, or missing any part of any session. If you have any questions about this attendance policy prior to submitting your application for this training, please feel free to email us at


After completion of the Level 1: Online NARM Basics Training, NARM-Informed Professionals are encouraged to list themselves as “NARM-Informed Professionals” in the NARM Practitioner Directory.


NARM-Informed Professionals who are licensed mental health professionals are invited to apply for the Level 2: NARM Therapist Training.

Important Terms & Conditions