NARM Clinical Protocol and
NARM Personality Spectrum Worksheet

We've created this clinical protocol and worksheet to be used as a resource when working with the NARM model and the NARM Personality Spectrum. This sheet is double sided, printed on heavy cardstock, and is laminated.


The NARM® Personality Spectrum Worksheet: It may surprise you to learn that personality disorders affect up to 15% of the U.S. population, which totals over 30 million Americans.  Even most mental health professionals are unaware of how many of their clients are impacted by often undiagnosed personality disorder traits. There is now a clearly defined link between unresolved early trauma and adult personality disruptions.  In order to help people heal from unresolved trauma, we have created The NARM® Personality Spectrum.  This model provides clinicians with a new and clear protocol for working with the complex features of various Personality Disorders, and the long-term impact of unresolved Complex Trauma.


The NARM® Clinical Protocol: Nearly 50% of the U.S. population will experience mental health or substance issues within their lifetime.  These challenges have been linked to childhood trauma which leads to disruption of development, including disrupting core emotional states that define one‘s sense of self.  While we all have a basic understanding of core emotions, The NARM® Emotional Completion Model presents a fresh, new way of understanding how to identify and work with the emotions that are disrupted due to unresolved trauma.  This model emphasizes containment, deepening, and support for the biological completion of affective states which put us progressively more in touch with our authentic selves.

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