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Virtual Community Gathering

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and our need to practice "social spaciousness', we hosted a free Q & A and virtual community gathering with members of the NARM Community. You can watch NARM Creator Dr. Laurence Heller, NARM Training Director Brad Kammer and NARM Faculty Stefanie Klein answer general questions about NARM, as well as talk about how NARM can support us to manage our anxieties, difficult emotions, challenges around isolation, and an uncertain future.


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What you will learn on the Webinar

  • Overview of NARM’s theoretical and clinical approach to developmental trauma

  • NARM’s roots in the fields of somatic psychology, psychodynamic psychology, and interpersonal neurobiology

  • The pitfalls of working with all forms of trauma without recognizing the complex developmental themes running in the background


    The distinction between shock and developmental trauma

  • NARM’s 5 early adaptive survival styles, their corresponding identity distortions, & how they affect adult life

  • Integrating a bottom-up (body-based) and top-down (cognitive or identity-based) therapeutic approach




Experiential exercises on

each of the five adaptive survival styles


    Downloadable version of graphics

    that you can keep for your own learning




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