Refund, Transfer, & Cancellation Policy

Group Consultation Details & Directions

How to Share a Case

Each participant will have approximately 15-30 minutes for presenting their case, questions and discussion with us and the group.  Please note: some may go longer or shorter depending on the teaching needs.


The process of sharing a Client/Case will follow this flow:


1.Briefly share some background information on your client/case to give us context (please use only 1-2 minutes) Due to time constraints, we will stop you if you take much longer than 1-2 min. Once we begin discussing the client/case, there will be opportunity for adding more background information.
2. What is this client(s) wanting out of the work with you (“contract”)?

3. Briefly share with us what you’ve been doing thus far with this client - how this has worked, and where do you feel stuck

4. We ask that you formulate what specific questions or support you’d like with this case – in other words, how can I help you with this client/case?


When you are not presenting, you are welcome to type in any questions or comments you may have into the chat. If you would like to speak directly to the provider and the presenting participant, you may type into the chat box “[Your name] would like to speak.” We can’t guarantee we will have time to get into discussion, but we will do our best to have you all interact as much as possible.

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