The NARM Training Institute presents a special online workshop on:​

NARM™ and the Use of Agency in the Resolution of Developmental Trauma

with NARM™ Founder Dr. Laurence Heller and NARM Training Director Brad Kammer

An Online Workshop

In this online workshop we highlight the use of Agency in the NARM™ approach for resolving attachment and developmental trauma.  While generally viewed as a synonym for responsibility or empowerment, we introduce a different perspective on agency and how we use it clinically in the NARM™ approach. 


We begin with a clear definition of agency and how we differentiate it from other psychological concepts and clinical interventions.  Then focus on the clinical use of Pillar 3: Reinforcing Agency, including how it interplays with the other 3 pillars in NARM™, how to use specific language in support of agency, using a psychobiological (mind-body) orientation, and highlighting the role of the therapeutic relationship - the “R” in NARM™.

"Reinforcing agency facilitates a new way of relating to one’s self and environment and supports increased internal organization and psychobiological capacity."


Includes one-year of video access,

downloadable audio, slides and workshop transcript.

Some areas we review in this workshop:

  • The distinction between agency and other psychological concepts like responsibility and empowerment

  • The developmental process of agency and its relationship to separation-individuation

  • Agency and its relationship to narcissism, objectification and shame

  • The role of agency in the development of C-PTSD and other mental health challenges including personality disorders

  • Using the 3rd Pillar of NARM™: Reinforcing Agency in the resolution of developmental trauma

  • Specific language of the 3rd Pillar

  • The role of the therapeutic relationship – and the therapist - in reinforcing agency

  • Presenting the bottom-up (body-based) and top-down (psychodynamic) therapeutic approach of NARM™

This Workshop Includes:

You will have one year streaming access to the 2.5 hour workshop video. You can download and keep the audio recording of the webinar, a copy of the presentation slides, and the workshop transcript.

  • 2.5 Hour Video Replay

    Online access to the 2.5 hour video replay for one year.

  • Audio Recording

    Downloadable access to an audio version of the workshop.

  • Presentation Slides

    Downloadable handouts with slides from the workshop.

  • Workshop Transcript

    Downloadable written transcript of the workshop.

    Disclaimer: The NARM Training Institute is neither a regulatory nor licensing organization and therefore not

    sanctioned to certify, license, or otherwise bestow the legal authorization to practice as a mental health professional.

    You are responsible for working under your professional license and within your scope of practice.


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